Alabama & Vicksburg 

Standard Gauge


Years of Operation: 1889-1926

Predecessor Roads: Vicksburg & Meridian

Successor Roads: Yazoo & Mississippi Valley

                           Illinois Central

Miles Operated: 142.8

Locomotives Owned


June 30, 1894- 17 locomotives, 9 passenger, 4 baggage, 331 box, 115 flats, 27 coal, 5 cabooses, 1 stock, 10 other


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The Alabama & Vicksburg was created by the May 1889 reorganization of the Vicksburg & Meridian. It was owned by the Erlanger interests of England and together with the Alabama Great Southern, New Orleans & Northeastern, CNO&TP, and Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific Railroads formed what was known as the "Queen & Crescent System." The A&V was leased to Illinois Central's subsidiary Yazoo & Mississippi Valley in June 1926. 

A&V Ten-wheeler 406 stopped at A&V's Cherry Street Station in Vicksburg in July 1926. 

A&V rostered two large Baldwin 0-10-0's for pulling long cuts up the steep line from the Mississippi River ferry landing up to the yard next to their Cherry St. Depot.


A&V 407 at Vicksburg on July 4, 1922.

Melton Huey stands in the gangway of A&V 449 at Chunky, MS.

A&V 408 at Jackson on September 1, 1923.

A&V rostered a total of nine 0-6-0's similar to 413, seen here at Vicksburg in 1922. 


A&V 431 pulls a long string of tank cars up the steep 4% grade from the river landing at Vicksburg in the 1920's. 

Builder's view of 2-8-2 461 in 1922. A&V had 4 of these attractive Mikado's.

2-10-2 470 was one of 5 K-class Baldwins built for the A&V in 1922. 470 is seen here at Vicksburg on July 28, 1926.

A&V Pacific 480 at Vicksburg on July 28, 1926.

A&V and VS&P used ferries to cross the Mississippi River at Vicksburg until the new rail bridge was completed in 1930. 

A&V's depot at Lake, Mississippi was fortunately preserved, and still stands across the tracks from its original site in Lake.

A&V Depot in Chunky.

A&V Depot in Morton

A&V's depot in Vicksburg

A&V Cherry Street Station in Vicksburg in the 1960's

A&V depot at Meehan Junction

An A&V switcher works the west end of the yard at Cherry Street in Vicksburg. The depot is visible above the train.





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