Boone & Sartin 

36" gauge, wood rail

Mill Location: Sutton Switch , MS ( Lincoln County)

Mill Capacity

Years of Operation: 1882-1886

Miles Operated: 2.25 miles

Locomotives Owned: mules




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History by Gil Hoffman:

In August 1882 W. C. Chamberlain built a small circular sawmill and tram road about three miles south of his Cedar Hill Switch mill. Shortly afterward he sold his new mill to John W. Boone and J. M. Sartin, who up to that time had been farmers. 16 yoke of oxen were used to log this mill and the lumber was hauled by mules over a wood rail tram road to the shipping platform at Sutton Switch, on the Illinois Central. The depression in the lumber industry, which began in 1883, caused Boone & Sartin to close their mill in May 1884. In November 1884 they reseumed sawing, but were anxious to sell out. Finally, on February 20, 1886 Boone sold the operation (Sartin having since died) to Norwood & Butterfield, of Chicago, for $8,000. The sale included 2,680 acres of timber land.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

mule-powered only   





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