Conner Brothers Lumber Co.         1900-1907

Conner Lumber Co.                         1907-1913

Standard gauge, 30 & 40-lb rail

Headquarters: Seminary MS

Mill Location: Conner's Mill, MS (South Seminary) (Covington County)

Mill Capacity: 60,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1900-1913

Miles Operated: 10 miles in 1913

Locomotives Owned: 4 known



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History by Gil Hoffman:

On December 13, 1899 O. W. Conner, of Hattiesburg, bought an 120 acre mill site on the southern edge of Seminary, Covington County. By July 1900, O. W. Conner, now living in Seminary, W. M. Conner, of Hattiesburg, and W. M. Hemeter had formed a partnership known as Conner Brothers Lumber Company and had built a sawmill on the land purchased by O. W. Conner in December 1899. This mill was of the circular type with Allis-Chalmers machinery and had a cutting capacity of 60,000 feet daily. It specialized in timbers and car material cut from longleaf yellow pine. About 25 percent of the cut was sold for export. 

The Conner Lumber Company, successor to Conner Brothers Lumber Company, was incorporated at Seminary on June 22, 1907 by W. M. Conner, of Hattiesburg; C. H. Brownell, of New Orleans; C. R. Brownell, of Morgan City, La.; John Brogan, of New Orleans, and G. S. Hemeter, of Seminary, with authorized capital stock of $200,000. 

The mill cut out in June 1913, after which the entire plant and railroad equipment were sold to A. Marx & Sons, of New Orleans.

Conner Brothers log train near Seminary, Mississippi


















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 



?                  0-4-2TB          Baldwin                  8550                    5-1887                     36                    10x14                      30000

                    Purchased from Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Birmingham, AL, on 3-6-01.

Fitted with diamond stack.  (Purchased from BR&L for $1333.32 on Mar. 6, 1901, short front diamond stack, lettered “Conner Brothers Lumber Company,” Chattel book 13, p.268...dah)

Built as North Birmingham Street R.R. #2, Birmingham, AL (dummy type).

Gone by 3-1906.

Baldwin class 6-14⅓ C 30


?                  2-8-0               Baldwin                  7937                    5-1886                     44                    16x20                      68000

Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #255, Atlanta, GA, on 11-25-03.  Cost $4,000. Not numbered at time of purchase.

Built as East & West Railroad of Alabama #11, Cartersville, GA, (originally 36-inch gauge, changed to standard gauge in 10-1890); to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #255.

Sold to A. Marx & Sons, New Orleans, LA (dealer) in 1913; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1202, Atlanta, GA; to Thomas T. Ivey & Co., Beatrice, AL, on 8-4-17; to Babois Lumber Co., Kalem, AL.

Baldwin class 10-26 E 98


15                2T Shay         Lima                        1564                    9-1905                        26½              3-9x8                       45800

               Purchased new.

Sold to A. Marx & Sons, New Orleans, La. (dealer) in 1913; to Boeuf River Land & Lumber Co., Logtown, LA, in 1914; to Dermott Land & Lumber Co., Dermott, AR; to Fee-Crayton Lumber Co., Dermott, AR, in 2-1920; to Bomer Hardwood Co. #1, Tallulah, LA, later at Alsatia, LA.


12                2T Shay         Lima                        2287                    2-1910                        29½              3-10x12                   84000

               Purchased new through Woodward, Wight & Co., Ltd., New Orleans, LA (dealer).

              Sold to A. Marx & Sons, New Orleans, LA (dealer) in 1913; to Carruth Brothers Lumber Co. #12, Coral, MS, on 10-15-13; to A. Marx & Sons,    New Orleans, LA, on 3-31-14; to Gammill Lumber Co. #12, Pelahatchie, MS; to Mississippi Soft Pine Co. #12, Canton, MS; to Pearl River Valley Lumber Co. #12, Canton, MS, on 2-23-21; to Apollonia Lumber Co. #12, Pelahatchie, MS, about 8-1924; to Pearl River Valley Lumber Co. #12, Canton, MS, about 5-1925; to Marietta Lumber Co. #12, Burnside, MS, about 3-1929 (on loan); to Pearl River Valley Lumber Co. #12, Canton, MS; to Denkmann Lumber Co. #12, Canton, MS, on 9-1-38. Scrapped 1942.






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