Eastabuchie Lumber Manufacturing Co. (1889-1894)

Eastabuchie Lumber Co. (1894-1901)

Eastabuchie & Williamsburg Railway

Standard Gauge, 25 and 30-lb rail

Headquarters: Eastabuchie, MS (Jones County)

Mill Capacity: 60,000 ft/day

Years of Operation: 1889-1901

Miles Operated: 11

Locomotives Owned: 2


#1 14-ton Porter 0-4-2T

#2 17-ton Porter 0-6-0T

11 log cars, 3 flat cars in 1900

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History by  Gil Hoffman:

The Eastabuchie Lumber Manufacturing Company was incorporated at Eastabuchie, Jones County, in February 1889 by J. F. Moore, of Enterprise; Thomas A. Smith, of Meridian, and A. H. White. On September 10, 1889 Smith sold his interest to Moore and White, and on May 24, 1890 White sold his half interest in the company to Butler McClanahan and W. C. Wood. The mill at that time had a cutting capacity of 20,000 feet per day, cutting only longleaf yellow pine. Originally the logging railroad ran from the mill westward for about one mile to Baylis Lake on the Leaf River, where logs were stored. 

In 1893 Moore retired from the business and on April 21, 1894 the company was reorganized as the "Eastabuchie Lumber Company" with capital stock of $54,300. The incorporators were William C. Wood, Butler McClanahan, James M. Kennedy and Charles J. Welch. The assets of the old company were transferred to the new company on June 30, 1894. By 1900 a new circular sawmill with a cutting capacity of 60,000 feet per day had been built. At that time the company owned 32,000 acres of longleaf yellow pine timber in Jones and Covington counties. 

On June 6, 1901 the sawmill was completely destroyed by fire and on September 28, 1901 the remaining assets of the company were sold to the Eureka Lumber Company, of Lux, Covington County, for $81,230.
























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