May-Easterling Lumber Co.         1901-1902

Easterling Lumber Co.                  1902-1917

Standard gauge and 36" gauge, -lb rail

Headquarters: Rock Island, IL

Mill Location: Ora, MS (Covington County)

Mill Capacity: 0,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1901-1917

Miles Operated

Locomotives Owned



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History by Gil Hoffman:

On June 5, 1901, the May-Easterling Lumber Company, composed of Felix A. May and E. H. Easterling, purchased the timber holdings of C. J. Gray, at Ora, Covington County for $30,480. 

In March 1902 Felix May and other small stockholders sold their stock to F. C. A. Denkmann and associates, of Rock Island, Illinois. E. H. Easterling, president of the May-Easterling Lumber Company, remained with the company.

The company was reorganized as the Easterling Lumber Company, with sales office at Rock Island. The assets were transferred to the Easterling Lumber Company on May 5, 1902, for $75,000 cash. 

On June 5, 1917, the mill property was sold to the Tallahala Lumber Company, of Ellisville, Jones County.

Lumber token, termed "brozine," which was good for merchandise at the Easterling company store.  Usually, other merchants would allow 90% of the face value when used in stores in town.

Easterling's new Shay #1 at the Lima Locomotive Works in its factory portrait.



Letterhead from a 1903 letter











ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 


Standard Gauge Locomotives:


2?                4-4-0               Baldwin                  3912                    6-1876                     61                    16x24                      66000

                                  Purchased from Gulf & Ship Island R.R. 1st #2 . In service by 6-1905.

Built as Cincinnati Southern #2; to New Orleans & Northeastern #222, in 12-1884; to Gulf & Ship Island 1st #2.

Baldwin class 8-26 C 104


1                  2T Shay         Lima                        1598                    11-1905                   28                    3-10x10                   66000

                                 Purchased new.

Transferred to Natalbany Lumber Co. #3, Kentwood, LA, changed to 36-inch gauge. 

Scrapped about 3-1924.


36" Gauge Locomotives:


1                  0-4-2T             Porter                     742                      3-1886                                             8x14                        18000

                               Transferred from Moreton & Helms Lumber Co. #1 "L. Q. C. Lamar," Cold Springs, MS, about 1908.


3                  4-4-0               Baldwin                  6918                    8-1883                     43                    11x16                      38000

                                 Transferred from Moreton & Helms Lumber Co. #3, Cold Springs, MS, in 1901.

Built as Mobile & Northwestern #3 "LeFlore;" to Louisville, New Orleans & Texas R.R., in 10-1889; to Moreton & Helms #3 "Le Flore," Cold Springs, MS, in 1-1890.

To Easterling Lumber Co. #3, on 5-5-02.

Sold to Day Lumber Co., Tangipahoa, LA.

Baldwin class 8-16 C 42


5                  2T Shay         Lima                        2218                    11-1909                   28                    3-10x10                   72000

                                 Purchased new.

Sold to Tallahala Lumber Co. #5, Ora, MS, on 6-5-17; to Natalbany Lumber Co. #6, Natalbany, LA.  Scrapped about 3-1924.


6                  2-6-0               Hinkley                  1702                    3-1887                                                                            

                                 Transferred from Moreton & Helms Lumber Co. #6, Cold Springs, MS, about 1908.

Built as Addison & Northern Pennsylvania #6 "Thomas C. Platt," Addison, NY; to Addison & Pennsylvania #6, Addison, NY, on 7-21-87; to Baltimore & Lehigh R.R., in 1894; to Moreton & Helms Lumber Co. #6, Cold Springs, MS, about 1898.






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