Ellisville & Laurel Railroad

Standard Gauge

Headquarters: Laurel, MS (Jones County)

Years of Operation: 1902

Predecessor road: none

Successor road: Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City

Miles Operated: 6.6

Locomotives Owned





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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Ellisville & Laurel Railroad was incorporated in Mississippi in May 1902, to build a railroad from Ellisville to Laurel, MS, 10 miles. That same year the line was built and sold to the Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City Railroad. The line began 8.5 miles south of Laurel, on the M. J. & K. C., and ran westward to Ellisville, 6.6 miles. At Ellisville a station for freight and passengers was maintained, but there was not a physical connection with the New Orleans & Northeastern, the other mainline railroad that ran through Ellisville. Apparently the Ellisville & Laurel owned no equipment.

Because the distance to Laurel via the N. O. & N. E. was only 7.3 miles, as opposed to 15.1 miles via the M. J. & K. C., the longer route always lost money. Finally, on November 24, 1920, the Gulf, Mobile & Northern (successor to the M. J. & K. C.) applied to the I. C. C. for permission to abandon its Ellisville branch. Since July 1915, the line had brought in only about $11,000 in revenue while expenses ran to some $71,000. Permission for abandonment was given on November 30, 1920.
























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