E. A. Enochs

Enochs & Natchez Railway

36" gauge, 16 and 20-lb rail

Headquarters: Natchez, MS

Mill Location: White Apple, MS ( Franklin County)

Mill Capacity: 20,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1904-1908

Miles Operated: 4.5 miles in 1908

Locomotives Owned: 1




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History by Gil Hoffman:

The sawmill of E. A. Enochs had a cutting capacity of 20,000 feet per day. He first offered his sawmill for sale in February 1908. Enochs lived in Natchez.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 


897                2T Shay          Lima 897             7-1904        22      2-6x10      20000

Purchased new. Named "Ethel"

                                                     For sale 2-1908.

Sold to Fernwood Lumber Co., Fernwood, MS; to J. M. Dutton Foundry & Machine Co., Vicksburg, MS.





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