Fernwood & Gulf

Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf
Standard Gauge

Headquarters: Fernwood, MS

Years of Operation: 1906-1972

Miles Operated: 44.10

Locomotives Owned: Steam- 18  Diesel- 8


Also see: Fernwood Lumber Co.


June 30, 1914- 4 locomotives, 2 passenger, 1 combine, 1 baggage, 10 box, 9 flats, 58 log, 2 cabooses

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The Fernwood & Gulf Railroad was incorporated on March 31, 1906 by the Enochs family, owners of the large Fernwood Lumber Co., to take over the mainline of the lumber company’s logging railroad extending eastward from Fernwood 20.3 miles to Tylertown. The lumber company continued to operate logging spurs off of the F&G. The F&G was gradually extended eastward until it finally reached Columbia and the railroad was renamed Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf on May 1, 1920. The last 2.68 miles from Foxworth to Columbia was over the New Orleans Great Northern, later part of the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio. FC&G did build its own depot and terminal facilities in Columbia. On September 1, 1972, the FC&G became part of the newly formed Illinois Central Gulf, who abandoned the line in segments, the last of which was removed by the early 1980’s. Today there is very little left to remind us where the FC&G used to run.

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FC&G 10 at Fernwood.

The FC&G and IC shared this depot at Fernwood. FC&G train ready to leave on the left, while the IC main is visible on the right.

F&G train pulls up to a water tank at a creek crossing.

FC&G 12 at Fernwood.

FC&G divided coach was replaced by motor cars in the 1930's.

FC&G's depot at Columbia not long after it was built.

FC&G caboose 11 at Fernwood.

FC&G's depot at Tylertown has since been converted to a convenience store.

FC&G 44-tonners on a trainload of pipe in 1949.

D-1, D-2, and D-3 at Fernwood on July 8, 1949.

FC&G 44-tonner D-6 and caboose at Fernwood.

FC&G 900 at Fernwood in April 1968.

900 returns from Columbia to Foxworth with the caboose in October 1968.

900 and caboose crossing the Pearl River at Columia in October 1968.

FC&G's classic wood depot at Kokomo.

FC&G 900 leads an eastbound freight just east of the Bogue Chitto River.

FC&G 600 pushing the train up the grade from the Bogue Chitto River will soon cut off on the fly and return to Fernwood.

FC&G 900 ready to depart Fernwood. The company office building appears on the right. 

FC&G 900 at Fernwood.

30" gauge Shay at the millpond at Fernwood in the 1890's.

An early view of a Fernwood Lumber Co. camp.

Builder's photo of Fernwood Lumber Co. No. 16, 3-truck Shay.

FC&G 900 at the Fernwood servicing facilities

FC&G crew takes a break in front of the Tylertown depot.

GM&O's Bogue Chitto branch local blocks the FC&G crossing while switching in Tylertown.

FC&G bought this ex-NYO&W steam generator car to supply steam to the pile driver. 

This little GE switcher was used at the creosote plant in Fernwood.

FC&G caboose 15 at Fernwood on February 2, 1972.

FC&G's depot in Tylertown in 1972. The GM&O depot is barely visible to the left in the background.

FC&G 600 arrives at Tylertown on Feb. 2, 1972.

FC&G SW-1 No. 600 about 1972.

FC&G 600 at the shops in Fernwood.

FC&G 900 and a short train on March 18, 1972.

FC&G's steam generator car at Fernwood in 1972.

This strange car, lettered X-1, was used to carry a bulldozer. It is seen here at McCallum on the B&HS on June 5, 1969.

A washout on the Fernwood & Gulf caused this wreck in the early years. Two Fernwood Lbr. Co. log cars are visible, along with an unidentified boxcar.

FC&G No. 11 at the Fernwood shops

FC&G 44-tonners D-1 and D-2 lead a long freight in the early 1950's.

Another view of an FC&G freight in the early 1950's.

GE 44-ton D-1 at Fernwood on September 16, 1953.

FC&G D-3 at Fernwood in September 1954.

At least one 44-tonner received the new colors of gray and maroon in the 1950's, as this photo of D-3 attests.

FC&G D-6 at Fernwood on September 16, 1953.

FC&G bought this motorcar to carry the few passengers still choosing rail service and numbered it M-3.

The interior of M-3. The car still exists at the Southern Forest Heritage Museum at Long Leaf, Lou. today.

The next few photos are from a series of shots made by a company-hired photographer on August 11, 1952 along the FC&G right-of-way.

A crane does some excavation on the the FC&G roadbed.

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