Gulf Mobile & Ohio

Standard Gauge

Headquarters: Mobile, AL

Years of Operation: 1940-1972

Predecessor RoadsGulf, Mobile & Northern

                                   Mobile & Ohio

                                    Alton RR

Successor Roads: Illinois Central Gulf

Miles Operated: 2898 in 1950

Locomotives Owned: 

GM&O Timetables (pdf files)


Ala. & Tenn. Divisions #4 1-16-1943 Tony Howe Collection

Ala. & Tenn. Divisions #6 1-13-1952 David S Price Collection

Gulf Division #1 5-31-1970 David S Price Collection

Louisiana Division #4 11-20-1955 David S Price Collection

Northern Division #22 12-15-1946 David S Price Collection

Southern Division #8 1-13-1952 David S Price Collection


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On September 13, 1940, the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio was formed by the merger of the Mobile & Ohio and the Gulf, Mobile & Northern. The GM&O took over the Alton Railroad in 1947, extending the GM&O from St. Louis to Chicago and Kansas City. On August 10, 1972, the GM&O merged with the Illinois Central to form Illinois Central Gulf Railroad. 


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GM&O 110, a former GM&N 2-8-2, at Jackson, MS.

GM&O 377 pulls the Starkville Branch mixed train. 

GM&O 209, an ex-GM&N decapod, rests next to the roundhouse in Laurel, MS. 

GM&O 4-8-2 501, an ex-NOGN engine, at Jackson, MS.

Alco S-1 No. 661 at Laurel, MS on September 11, 1950.


GM&O freight wrecked on the Boguehoma Cr. bridge just north of Ovett on Sept. 9, 1946.

B&HS train approaches the depot at Beaumont in the late 1950's.

GM&O's Bogue Chitto Branch local meets Green Bros. Gravel's ex-SP 0-6-0 south of Franklinton, La. in 1965.

GM&O wood caboose 2821 at Jackson, MS in 1966.

Two GM&O Alco RS-2s at Bogalusa, LA in 1969.

GM&O local freight at Columbus, MS in 1969.

GM&O EMD E-units were generally kept on the north end of the system north of St. Louis, but by the late 1960's, they were used once in a while on directors' specials. E-7A 103 makes such a trip in 1965 to Mobile, AL. 

Alco RS-1 1112 at Jackson, MS in 1966.

GM&O caboose 2837 at Jackson, MS in 1966.

GM&O depot at Ripley, MS on July 26, 1964.

GM&O depot in New Albany at the Frisco crossing on July 26, 1964.

EMD GP-30 at Corinth, MS in the 1970's.

GM&O transfer caboose 2832 at Corinth, MS on March 19, 1972.

Booneville, MS looking north towards the GM&O depot in the 1970's.

GM&O's freighthouse in Meridian, MS was a local landmark for many years before it was burned by vandals in 1994. 

Alco PA and FB-1 on the Gulf Coast Rebel at Mobile in the mid-1950's. 

Alco FA-1 751

Ingalls locomotive 1900 was frequently used at Frascati yard in Mobile, as seen here in 1966.

GM&O caboose 2639 at Richton, Miss. in 1968.

Alco RS-2 1511 at Columbus, MS 

GM&O Alco RS-1 at Columbus

A GM&O caboose in front of the old M&O passenger depot in Columbus in the late 1960's.

The Shoreline Branch local behind an Alco RS approaches the depot at Mandeville, LA on May 26, 1971.

GM&O FA's lead a freight near Vinegar Bend in the 1950's.

Builder's view of Alco RS-1 1103 in the original crimson and silver scheme.

Builder's portrait of Alco DL-105 270 in 1940.

2-8-2 471 at East St. Louis in the early 1940's.

RS-2 rests in front of the yard office at Frascati Yard in Mobile.

RS-2 1513 switching at Frascati in the late 1960's.

An Alco RS-2 and GP-30 on the Bogue Chitto Branch local at Tylertown, MS. 

RS-2 1502 delivering Frisco 1527 to be put on display in the park on the west side of Mobile in the late 1950's. 

1502 at the picturesque Frascati yard office in Mobile.

GM&O 635 leads southbound freight 41 into Mobile from Laurel in the early 1970's.

The southbound GM&O local meets the Bonhomie & Hattiesburg Southern at Beaumont, MS on August 23, 1972.

GM&O GP-30 #500 switching the B&HS interchange in Beaumont in 1972.

Alco RS-2 switching in Okolona, Mississippi.

A Montgomery-bound GM&O freight rumbles past a Frisco caboose at Reform, Alabama about 1970.

A GM&O Alco S-1 at the south end of the Okolona yard on January 28, 1971.

GM&O motor car ("doodlebug") 2500 prepares to leave Meridian in 1950 on train 12, the all-stops local to Jackson, TN. 

GM&O passenger depot at West Point about 1968. The freight station is in the distance.

GM&O depot at the important junction of Artesia, Mississippi in 1970.

Another view at Artesia on April 2, 1969. The railroad-owned cafe is on the right.

GM&O passenger depot at West Point in March 1972.

A southbound GM&O freight leaves McLain, Mississippi with a classic ex-GM&N caboose. The spur to the left to the pulpwood yard is what remained of the GM&N Blodgett branch to Piave abandoned in 1935.

An Alco RS-2 parked on a spur in front of the union station in Corinth, MS in May 1966.

An Alco FA-1 at the compact engine facilities in Corinth in January 1962.

The northbound Gulf Coast Rebel gets a new crew at Meridian about 1958. 

Two PA's lead the southbound Gulf Coast Rebel into Meridian in the mid-1950's.

GP-30 No. 500 leads a Meridian-Union turn near Union after a light snowfall about 1968.

GP-30 No. 522 at Red Cut, just west of Union, about 1968.

GM&O's rare Ingalls locomotive switching at Meridian in 1958.

GM&O 716 on a northbound local at Lockhart, MS in 1970.

Two Alco FA's on the PRD local at Red Cut, west of Union, about 1958.

The PRD (Pearl River District) local at Red Cut circa 1958.

Alco FA-1 740 at Meridian about 1958.

RS-2 1505 and FA 717 lead the northbound local at Lauderdale about 1963.

RS-2 1506 departs Meridian with the northbound local in the mid-1950's.

1518 switching near the compress north of the depot in Meridian in the early 1950's. 

An Alco FA and FB departing Meridian northbound.

GM&O 708 switching middle yard in Meridian.

GM&O gas-electric 2500 with train 12 at Meridian.

Rare Baldwin passenger diesel No. 280 arrives at Mobile with train 15, the Gulf Coast Rebel, in 1951.

501 and 713 at Meridian engine terminal about 1962.

Motor car 2501 departing Meridian with train 12, the all-stops local to Jackson, TN. 

A PA and DL-105 combo arrives at Mobile with the Gulf Coast Rebel in 1955.

The same train at left arrives at Gulf Terminal in Mobile in 1955.

Two Baldwins on the southbound Gulf Coast Rebel at Meridian in 1951.

Southbound Rebel at Meridian in 1954.

An A-B-B-B-A lashup of Alco's at South Yard in Meridian in 1958.

The northbound Gulf Coast Rebel arrives in Meridian in 1954.

The Rebel waits at the south end of the Meridian depot for a northbound Southern Railway freight in 1955.

Two RS-2's on a northbound extra south of Lauderdale, MS about 1956. 

The northbound local to Okolona waits for the southbound Gulf Coast Rebel to clear at Meridian before departing in 1956.

Crew members confer before leaving Meridian on September 2, 1949.

Two GM&O FA's at the Meridian roundhouse about 1954.

Three Alco RS-2's at Meridian with a northbound extra freight.

The engine terminal at Meridian was crowded as crews take the Christmas holiday off in the mid-1970's.

Alco FA 736 at the Meridian roundhouse about 1954.

Three FA's departing Meridian in the early 1950's.

The Meridian-Union turn rated a rare lashup of Alco RS-2's on this day.

Alco RS-1 No. 1112 switching at Corinth, MS in 1954.

A GM&O local waits at New Albany for a Frisco passenger train to clear in this 1954 view. The car behind the locomotive was a head-end rider caboose for crew members.

Ingalls unit No. 1900 deadheading through Meridian for repair work in 1950. 

A northbound freight approaches the Union Station in Corinth, MS in 1954.

The southbound Gulf Coast Rebel meets a northbound Southern Railway freight at Meridian in this 1958 photo.

The southbound Gulf Coast Rebel blasts through downtown Marion, MS in 1954.

Two FA's with the northbound local at Meridian in 1954.

5 FA's at Meridian about 1958.

4 GP-30's at Union with the Meridian-Union turn after a light snowfall in 1968.





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