Louisville & Nashville

Standard Gauge

Headquarters: Louisville, KY

Years of Operation: 1850-1982

Predecessor RoadsNew Orleans, Mobile & Texas

Successor Roads: Seaboard System

Miles Operated:  




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The Louisville & Nashville Railroad was chartered in Kentucky on March 5, 1850. L&N acquired its first tracks in Mississippi on October 5, 1881, when it bought the New Orleans, Mobile & Texas Railroad running from Mobile, AL to New Orleans, LA. L&N merged with Seaboard Coast Line to form Seaboard System in 1982. 


Suggested reading: Where CSX Goes to Sea by Jerry Lachaussee and Parker Lamb, Trains magazine, January 1987

A northbound L&N passenger train stops at the Biloxi depot in 1912.

L&N depot in Pascagoula in 1914.

A short 4-car passenger train is lead by Pacific 178 at Gulfport in August 1938.

L&N 181 at the resort community of Ocean Springs about 1920.

L&N 2-8-0 No. 1055 leads a freight up Commerce St. north of the depot in Mobile, AL in July 1933.


L&N 1026 was mainline freight power for the NO&M sub of the L&N at the time of this photo taken at Gulfport, MS in the 1930's.


L&N 2-8-2 1589 later became common freight power on the south end of the L&N. Location of this photo is unknown.

L&N Pacific (4-6-2) No. 152 at Gulfport on August 6, 1938. This engine continues to haul tourists at the Kentucky Railway Museum today.


L&N Pacific 264 pinch-hits for the more common diesel power on the northbound Humming Bird at Gulfport on May 20, 1950.

Going away view of the Humming Bird at Gulfport on May 20, 1950.

L&N 1332 with a southbound freight approaching the depot at Biloxi on May 12, 1940.

Mikado 1541 crosses 25th Ave in downtown Gulfport on May 20, 1950.

L&N 1328 with a southbound freight approaching the depot at Gulfport in August 1938.

L&N FP-7 663 with Train 9, the Coast Commuter train to New Orleans lays over in Ocean Springs on April 10, 1954.

A local freight lead by GP-20 No. 903 switches at Long Beach.

L&N wood caboose 884 at Bay St Louis in October 1965.

Caboose 191 at Bay St. Louis in October 1966.

L&N GP-9 511 switches City Spur in Pascagoula in 1965.

L&N caboose 429 trails a northbound freight at Long Beach in April 1968.

L&N GP-9 508 in the newer gray and yellow paint at Pascagoula in August 1966.

L&N depot at Waveland in 1966. 

A northbound freight at Long Beach behind 621 in April 1968.

L&N No. 666 on a freight at Long Beach in April 1968.

FP-7 691 on a northbound passenger train at Gulfport in April 1968.

L&N 691 northbound at Ocean Springs in October 1968.

A southbound freight passes the city jail at Gulfport in February 1966.

A southbound freight behind 835 crosses the West Pascagoula River and passes the creosote plant at Gautier in October 1968.

L&N local switches at Long Beach in the late 1960's.

L&N E7s 779 and 761 on Train 1, the southbound Azalean, at Ocean Springs on Sept. 16, 1949. 

FP-7 663 at Gulfport in the mid-1950's.

L&N 663 and caboose at Gulfport.

The L&N turntable at Bay St. Louis in the late 1960's.

L&N Alco switching at Bay St. Louis. The passenger depot at right still stands today.

L&N 363 switching at Bay St. Louis.

L&N 550 leads a freight up Commerce St. on L&N's street trackage north of the passenger station at Mobile, AL on March 24, 1969.

2-8-0 1306 and auxiliary water car at Gulfport in the 1940's.

2-8-2 1785 at Three Mile Creek drawbridge at Mobile, AL in the 1940's.

L&N 1805 and 1502 at Flomaton, AL in 1950.

An L&N local waits at Biloxi for a northbound passenger train.

L&N 401 with a northbound freight along Commerce St. in Mobile.

L&N Alco #138 at Pascagoula, MS. Mississippi Export's Pascagoula office is on the left.

L&N GP-18 900 southbound at Mobile, AL. 

An L&N local waits in the clear at Ocean Springs, MS about 1970.

L&N 793 northbound makes a station stop at Pascagoula, MS.

An L&N freight at the south end of Harbin siding near Pass Christian, MS.

An L&N local behind GP-7 410 meets a northbound passenger train at Harbin, MS. 

An A-B-A set of F-units south of Montgomery in 1955.

Pacific 233 at Canal St. Station in New Orleans about 1950.

GP-7 No. 551 on local freight No. 44 at Mississippi City on July 13, 1957.

E6 753 on a troop train waits in the clear at Gulfport as Train 4 with engine 651 eases by.  

Three geeps lead 92 cars on a northbound freight departing Montgomery on June 3, 1955.

GP-7 550 on No. 43 crosses the Pascagoula River drawbridge in 1958.

FP-7 666 on No. 4, the Azalean, after a rare South Mississippi snowfall at Beauvoir in December 1963. 

A local freight waits in the clear at Mississippi City in the mid-1950's. 

E-6 773 makes a fine sight as it leads a southbound passenger train at Ocean Springs.

A northbound freight eases across the drawspan of Biloxi Bay in September 1961.

603 leads a southbound freight over the Pascagoula River.

GP-30 1033 picks up speed after crossing Biloxi Bay in August 1970.

652 on a northbound passenger train at Ocean Springs in 1958.

Alco S-2 switcher No. 39 at Mobile in 1950.

FP-7 662 northbound at Biloxi Bay.

Train 5, the Humming Bird, crosses Pascagoula River on December 26, 1961. 

778 crosses Biloxi Bay in June 1955 northbound. 

A southbound freight at Biloxi Bay in October 1971. 

No. 3023 cuts through the morning fog at Henderson Point as the southbound freight prepares to duck under Highway 90 and cross St. Louis Bay in December 1969. 

A northbound freight crosses Pascagoula Draw. 





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