Mobile & Ohio            

5' Gauge, converted to Standard Gauge 7-8-1885

Headquarters: Mobile, AL

Years of Operation: 1851-1940

Predecessor Roads:  none

Successor Roads: Gulf, Mobile & Ohio

Miles Operated: 1879- 528.6 (312.8 in MS)

1914- 919.76 miles

Locomotives Owned: 



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The Mobile & Ohio Railroad was chartered in 1848 and built a railroad northward from Mobile to connect with the Ohio River near Cairo, Illinois. The line was completed through eastern Mississippi in the 1850's, and finally completed to Columbus, Ky in 1861. The M&O came under the control of the Southern Railway in 1901. On September 13, 1940, the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio was formed by the merger of the Mobile & Ohio and the Gulf, Mobile & Northern.


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M&O 4-6-0 and crew at the depot at Waynesboro, Miss.

M&O depot at Waynesboro about 1910.

M&O sold a group of cabooses to Georgia Car & Locomotive in Atlanta in the early 1920's. Many were rebuilt and sold to various shortlines. 

M&O 2-8-2 No. 480 at the Meridian engine facilities on July 20, 1936.

M&O classic wood caboose X-30 at Meridian on July 20, 1936.

A stunning view of M&O Pacific (4-6-2) No. 260 as it prepares to take a train south to Mobile in the 1930's.

M&O Pacific 265 sits outside the train shed at Mobile.

M&O motor car ("doodlebug") 1802 southbound at Enterprise, MS in the 1930's.

M&O maintained a large roundhouse at its Meridian division point. Here we see a lineup of several locomotives on July 20, 1936. 


M&O 2-8-0 No. 545 at Meridian on July 20, 1936.

An M&O freight heading north near Basic City in the 1930's. The track in the foreground belongs to the NO&NE.

M&O ten-wheeler 386 at Tuscaloosa, AL on November 2, 1939.

The joint Southern-M&O depot at Corinth, MS in 1916.

M&O passenger depot at West Point, MS circa 1910. It was later replaced by a brick and stucco depot.

M&O's classic depot at Scooba was typical of M&O's ornate architecture on many of its wood depots.

The joint M&O-Frisco Union Station in Tupelo, MS on March 30, 1964.

M&O built this attractive brick and stucco passenger depot in Columbus, MS. 

M&O depot at Shubuta, MS about 1906. 

M&O 4-6-0 225 on the turntable at Okolona, MS.

M&O 27 at Tuscaloosa, AL on November 2, 1939.

M&O 2-8-2 #459 at East St. Louis.

Builder's photo of 4-6-0 #99.

M&O 2-8-2 #405 at Jackson, TN on October 2, 1935.

M&O Pacific (4-6-2) #253 at Mobile, AL.

M&O ten-wheeler 230 was standard power on the "peavine" line to Montgomery. It is shown here at Montgomery on June 14, 1936.

M&O 2-8-0 541 at Jackson, TN on September 17, 1935.

Builder's view of 2-8-0 #547.





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