Native Lumber Co.

Standard gauge, 60 and 40-lb rail

Headquarters: Moss Point

Mill Location: Howison, MS (Harrison County)

Mill Capacity: 70,000 ft/day in 1910

Years of Operation: 1899-1928

Miles Operated: 25 miles in 1917

                            15 miles in 1926

Locomotives Owned: 4?

Also see: L. N. Dantzler Lumber Co.

J. F. Welch Lumber Co.


2 locomotives and 30 cars in 1910

12-31-1927 inventory lists 1 Heisler, 3 rod locos, 4 flat cars, 37 skeleton cars, 4 wrecked skeleton cars, 1 grocery car, 1 steam log loader, 7 eight-wheel log wagons, 2 feed cars, 7 stationary camp cars, 13 camp cars on wheels

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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Native Lumber Company was incorporated at Howison, Harrison County, on May 16, 1899, by L. N. Dantzler, J. L. Dantzler, L. N. Dantzler, Jr., G. H. Howze, Joseph Bozeman, Henry Colmer, George Bowen, Alexander McInnis and John Alberts with authorized capital stock of $75,000. L. N. Dantzler, Jr. was president. On June 10, 1899 the company purchased the sawmill plant and timber holdings of the former J. F. Welch Lumber Company, at Howison, from L. N. Dantzler, Jr., for $75,000.

The sawmill had a capacity of about 70,000 feet daily and cut principally for export, most of the product being marketed by the L. N. Dantzler Lumber Company. A planing mill was added in 1901. The mill cut out in January 1928 and the company was officially dissolved in December 1931.

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A stunning view of an unidentified 2-8-0 and 2-6-0 #2 "Daisye" at the Native Lbr. Co. mill at Howison. Another unidentified engine can be seen in the machine shop in the background.

P. N. "Posey" Howell was Dantzler's head logging superintendent and considered to be the father of forestry in Mississippi for his efforts to reforest cutover land instead of clear-cutting that was common with almost all other mills in the state at the time.

Howell's home at Howison. 

Posey Howell on left.

Native Lumber Co. #1, a new Heisler locomotive at Howison.

The two story building was the company-run hotel at Howison.

In 1966, the remains of the logging railroad trestle over the mill pond were very evident at Howison. 

ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:

2              2-6-0                   Baldwin                  16289                  11-1898                   36                    12x18                      42000

Purchased from L. N. Dantzler, Jr., Howison, MS, on 6-10-1899.

Built as J. F. Welch Lumber Co. #2, Howison, MS; to L. N. Dantzler, Jr., Howison, MS, on 4-27-1899.

Baldwin class 8-18 D 90  

Still in operation in 1927 per company inventory


3              2-8-0                   Baldwin                                                                             37                    15x18                      60000

Purchased from Kilby Locomotive & Machine Works, Anniston, AL, on 4-25-1901.


4              2-6-0                   Baldwin                                                                              56                    16x24                      70000

Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #312, Atlanta, GA, on 10-29-1904. Cost $2,850.

Built as Lake Shore & Michigan Southern #    ; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #312.


 1             2T Heisler          Heisler                    1286                    -1913                      36                    15x12                      84000

Purchased new.


103         unk

              probably transferred from Bond Lumber Co. #103

             On hand by 12-31-1924


222          unk

                Probably transferred from Ten Mile Lumber Co. 

               On hand by 12-31-1924.    





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