Meehan-Rounds Lumber Co. (1902-1905)

Cotton State Lumber Co. (1905-1919)

Tallahatta Railroad (1902-1919)

Standard gauge, 45 to 60-lb rail

Headquarters: Williamsport, Pa.

Mill Location: Meehan Junction, MS (Lauderdale County)

Mill Capacity: 150,000 ft/day in 1910

Years of Operation: 1902-1919

Miles Operated: 28 miles in 1910

Locomotives Owned: 5


4 locomotives, 80 cars, 2 American loaders in 1910

4 locomotives, 68 cars in 1915


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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Meehan-Rounds Lumber Company was incorporated in Lauderdale County on July 15, 1902 by James Meehan, S. K. Rounds, R. W. Meehan, Patrick Meehan and William M. Hall with authorized capital stock of $75,000.  On July 28, 1903 the capital stock was increased to $120,000. 

The Tallahatta Railroad was chartered in Mississippi on July 7, 1902 and was originally projected to run from Meehan Junction, on the Alabama & Vicksburg, to Philadelphia, MS, about 35 miles. It was completed from Meehan Junction to Days Mills, MS, 10 miles, in January 1903.

The Cotton State Lumber Company was incorporated in Lauderdale County on June 22, 1905 by John W. Flynn, G. Q. Hall, William M. Hall and Gabe Jacobson with authorized capital stock of $1,000,000. On May 13, 1905 the company bought the sawmill and railroad of the Meehan-Rounds Lumber Company at Meehan Junction, Lauderdale County. 

The Cotton State sawmill cut out in early 1919. At that time the company was operating a double band mill with a cutting capacity of 130,000 feet per day. In June 1919 the company sold 26,000 acres of cut-over land, including the townsite of Meehan Junction, to J. F. Craig, a cotton planter from Indianola, Miss. 

The railroad purchased from the Meehan-Rounds Lumber Company in 1905 was known as the "Tallahatta Railroad." In 1907 the line was extended to Battlefield, Miss., 20 miles. The railroad was abandoned in early 1919 when the mill at Meehan Junction cut out.

























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