Gulf Mobile & Northern

Standard Gauge

Headquarters: Jackson, TN

Years of Operation: 1917-1940

Predecessor RoadsNew Orleans, Mobile & Chicago

                                   Meridian & Memphis

                                   Jackson & Eastern

                                   New Orleans Great Northern

Successor Roads: Gulf, Mobile & Ohio

Miles Operated: 402 in 1916

Route: Jackson, TN to Mobile, AL; Meridian, MS to Union, MS; Union, MS to Jackson, MS and New Orleans, LA. 

Locomotives Owned: See roster page HERE



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On January 1, 1917, the New Orleans, Mobile & Chicago was reorganized as the Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad. In January 1918, the GM&N bought the stock of the Meridian & Memphis Ry, running between Meridian and Union, MS. This railroad was officially merged into the GM&N in 1929. In July 1926, the GM&N acquired the Jackson & Eastern Ry, running from Union to Lena, and it was completed to Jackson, MS in 1927. The New Orleans Great Northern from New Orleans to Jackson, MS was placed under the control of the GM&N in 1929, and officially leased to the GM&N in 1933. On September 13, 1940, the GM&N merged with the Mobile & Ohio to form the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad.


GM&N 35 at an unknown location.

GM&N 60 at Jackson, TN in January 1940.

GM&N caboose 24 at Laurel, MS.

GM&N 2-8-2 109 at Jackson, MS in September 1940.

GM&N's main heavy freight power consisted mostly of 2-10-0's. On most roads these were considered branchline power. Russian Decapod 206 rests at Meridian on July 20, 1936.

261 was one of GM&N's heavy Decapods and was equipped with a Coffin feedwater heater above the headlight.

GM&N's heavy passenger power was provided by two Baldwin 4-6-2's weighing in at about 107 tons. No. 426 is shown at Jackson, TN in October 1935. Sister 425 still runs on the Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern in Pennsylvania.

GM&N depot at Bay Springs, MS circa 1970





ROSTER by Gil Hoffman here





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